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How Fitness Studio Owners using Mariana Tek are Cutting $50k+ in Annual Overhead in just 1 Month

1,200 Locations and Counting...

SLT says how much time they have saved!

"Within 3 min, 7 instructors will respond. Its amazing!! I no longer have to live in fear of mass text threads"

Nick Rivera
Recruiting & Instructor Operations Manager

"I know I am speaking for you but we have really loved the product thus far. I have no doubt this will be a great relationship and create more buy-in for our team creating more ease in their day-to-day"

Katy Neville
VP of Strategic Training Development

"After implementing NetGym for our sub-requests, we're saving hours per week on our scheduling needs. Even more helpful: being able to track metrics around subs, so we can make data-informed decisions to best drive our team's needs"

Nick Rivera
Recruiting & Instructor Operations Manager

Before: SO many mass texts

After: 0 mass texts, hours shaved

Timeframe: 1 Month

Grit Cycle saved hours per month


Before COVID, Grit Cycle had a full-time person overseeing sub support for their 6 locations and manually making updates to Mariana Tek, their scheduling system. Jill was scouring the interwebs and googling away to see if she can find anything to help eliminate the manual work.

Fortunately, they stumbled upon NetGym as they had just finished their integration with Mariana Tek. While only just a few weeks into the Pilot before the covid shutdown happened, Grit Cycle had already shaved off hours of time. As soon as they were able to open back up a few months later, they didn’t have to bring back a full-time schedule coordinator to deal with subbing because of NetGym’s capability to integrate their sub policy and automatically update their live schedule in Mariana Tek.

Before: $50k in overhead

After: -$50k in overhead

Timeframe: 1 month

"Prior to NetGym, we paid someone a full-time salary to handle sub requests for 6 studios. It was not timely, nor cost effective. NetGym has simplified our sub requests by allowing instructors to pick up subs that work with their schedules and then changing the schedule in Mariana Tek pending our manager approval. We have also included NetGym analytics in our annual performance reviews by using their Insights to track how often they are requesting and picking up sub requests. NetGym has been a game changer for our company!!”

Jillian Yasuda
Instructor Manager, Grit Cycle

Spark Yoga says this tool has saved so much time all around!

"NetGym allowed us to streamline and automate around our existing sub request scheduling process. Instead of an instructor sending out a text or trying to find a sub manually, they are able to log into a simple mobile app which already knows their schedule and asks for the reason. From there, the workflow allows for approval and automatically updates the instructor in Mariana Tek. Sub metrics are tracked and reportable which is super valuable. This tool has saved us so much time all around. Highly recommend NetGym!

Nick Young
Co-Founder & CTO, Spark Yoga

Before: SMS & manual

After: Automated process

Timeframe: 1 month

Who is this for?

You are trying to cut operational costs, hire and groom high quality instructors, grow and scale your studio at the same time, and provide the best in-class or digital group fitness exprience

You are worried about how to scale your resources, survive financially during COVID, or maintain a high quality class experience with limited class capacities and attendance

You are angry when an instructor forgets they are subbing a class or needs last minute coverage for their class

Your studio managers feel pressured to fill classes

If you are trying to keep up with the times and define your digital strategy by
reducing and eliminating manual work and members stick around


Danny Orlick, Founder and CEO

My name is Danny Orlick, and 5 years ago I was a top cycling instructor in San Francisco at EQX, Crunch, and BodyROK while crushing software sales as the #1 rep at New Relic and WalkMe.  

While I was teaching classes, I saw many gyms and studios struggling with their sub request process. I witnessed the chaotic mess which was hundreds of emails with reply-alls, mass texts, FB groups, and google spreadsheets all to get classes covered by a sub. In addition, each business had their own sub policy and approval process that we’d have to follow. I received emails and texts to sub classes I couldn’t even teach. I was shocked to hear from management how often “no-shows” occur because instructors forgot they confirmed to sub a class. Never happened to me. However, a few weeks into my research this did happen to me! I replied to an email on a Thursday saying I can sub the following 6AM Monday class. That weekend I went to my best friend's wedding and had an amazing time with my wife, Danielle, to say the least. Booze was flowing. To no surprise, I totally forgot I committed to sub and didn’t show up. The studio management was scrambling, calling me 20 times at 5:45AM, and ultimately somebody else had to teach the class due to my mistake.  

I realized how much money these gyms and studios could be losing due to a teacher not showing up to the class or even just being a sub the member wasn’t familiar with in the first place. Afterall, people take precious time out of their day to workout and want their favorite instructor. If they didn’t get that or were surprised, members could cancel or have poor experiences, influencing their decisions to stick around. 

Fitness is built on relationships and being a sales guy, that’s one of the strengths that I honed in on when starting NetGym. I established connections early on with leaders at Crunch, Equinox, JCC, and Barry’s. Everyone had this problem AND were willing to pay for the solution I proposed. So we built a tool that would unify sub activity for managers, filter requests based on skill set and location, incorporate the sub policy of that studio, streamline all sub communication, and automatically update the live schedule with the name of the sub.

My strategy worked so well, that in 2016, we were able to grow organically with no sales and marketing, outside investment, or without hiring a team. Many instructors who use NetGym also teach at other businesses where they continue to recommend us.

Every customer or prospect we speak with recognizes we’ve covered all aspects of subbing for any type of fitness studio or gym and that we truly built the product for them. 

We now service over 65 customers spanning 675 fitness locations. We partner with various scheduling vendors such as Mindbody, Mariana Tek, and ABC Financial to automate sub scheduling and are the only ones that have this agility today. We have worked with various different boutique fitness studios and big box gym chains from EOS, Chuze, YMCA and Crunch Fitness to Y7, Grit Cycle, Core40, Barry’s, SLT, Rumble, and Flywheel. We have received over 100 testimonials because we truly put the customer first and continue to listen to what they need.

The Secret Sauce to Cutting Costs

Step 1: Integrate and automate your unique sub policies directly into the sub creation and approval process

Old Way

Communicate via email, text, google docs, or fb groups

Attach a pdf document

Hire someone to manually oversee sub support 

NetGym Way

Integrate and automate the studio's unique sub policies directly into the sub creation and approval process

Provide data to track policy compliance for each instructor

Old Result

Lack of policy compliance

Poor member experiences

Low visibility and excuses

NetGym Result

Instructor compliance

Consistent delivery and coverage

Maximum visibility across urgent requests

Defining and digitizing each studio's unique sub policy into the sub creation flow ensures the policy is automatically adopted and followed, resulting in saved time and money.

Step 2: Integrate schedule system and create staff profiles with assigned skills and locations

“Before, so many people reached out to managers asking for phone and email. So much time wasted and now can tell them to locate their information on NG. I anticipate it being so widely used"

Sara D
Studio Manager, Large Yoga Chain

Old Way

Update google spreadsheets detailing what classes each instructor can teach and where 

Create email distribution lists

Create communication channel based on classes or locations each instructor teaches at

Instructors reach out to managers for instructors contact information 

When instructors are hired, terminated, or certified to teach new formats, update the contacts lists, distribution lists and spreadsheets to ensure everything is accurate

NetGym Way

Create staff profiles with approved skills/certifications and locations in one place

Allow instructors to update their basic contact information in a profile area for other staff to see

Embed the profile information, including the skills and locations, into the sub request creation flow so that only instructors who are eligible to teach the class are invited to sub. 

Old Result

Unequal opportunity to receive sub requests

Mangers wasting time having to provide contact information for instructors one by one

Outdated information

Instructors who no longer teach receive requests to sub

NetGym Result

Peace of mind that instructors are automatically sending requests to the right pool of instructors

Time, energy, and sanity saved for all staff 

Greater visibility into who is an active instructor 

A digitized, more accessible, and up to date user profile that includes skills, locations, and classes is required to save time and energy when needing to find quick coverage and pick up relevant subbing opportunities

Step 3: Send filtered sub requests

Old Way

Review a large contact list that is outdated and maintained in a spreadsheet or distribution list

Reach out to those instructors via a large email distribution list, group text, social media

Mass communication or contact instructors 1:1 on the instructors behalf

With urgent and last minute sub requests, managers desperately chase down each instructor

NetGym Way

Unify and make consistent the way instructors are sending sub requests in 1 system so that they are automatically filtered based on eligibility such as skill set/certifications and locations. 

Old Result

Time consuming and frustrating for all staff 

Hard to organize the responses or quickly see who offered to cover first

Countless hours spent every week to assist instructors in finding coverage for classes 

Favoritism towards certain instructors and limited equal opportunity in subbing 

NetGym Result

Greater security that the instructor will get coverage easily & quickly 

Trust that the sub is a good fit for the class and can maintain the class capacity (esp in the COVID era where each butt in the seat matters)

Time is saved and now spent ensuring high class performance and attendance, ultimately driving revenue for the studio

Unifying and making the sub request process consistent and filtered is required to save time and energy related to sub communication

Step 4: Receive and respond to sub requests

Old Way

Countless emails with a large number of recipients, then reply-all’s, group text messages, Facebook messages, spreadsheets 

Receiving requests not eligible to teach

Lots of follow up to confirm coverage

NetGym Way

Receive sub requests that are relevant to each instructor from one system

Allow instructors to easily view and accept a sub request through the channel or their choice (mobile, desktop, email, text)

Old Result

Frustrating to be a part of so many irrelvant communication threads

A lot of noise and negative sentiment around subbing

Difficult to see subbing opportunities

Not an equal opportunity to sub 


Disappointed members because they were unaware of the sub or the sub wasn’t the best fit for the class resulting in poor experiences, class cancellations, and potentially lost revenue.

NetGym Result

Overall instructor experience is improved 

Opportunities to sub are more visible and easily attainable for instructors to make more money

Easily receiving sub requests that are relevant to each instructor from 1 system is required to find coverage in seconds and keep staff and members happy. 

Step 5: Oversee sub statuses across multiple locations

"The sub board is so visually appealing and organized for the instructors. The reminders feature is awesome too. Keeps everyone in check."

Jill Y
Instructor Manager, Grit Cycle

Old Way

Manager per location overseeing disparate sub communication on many different platforms

Chase instructors down, follow large email threads, send aside texts, or teach the class themselves to ensure zero no shows

Document any sub updates on a spreadsheet, whiteboard, or a paper binder

Update the live schedule resulting in errors and inefficiencies

Manually remind each sub that they are teaching 

NetGym Way

Unify and consolidate all sub requests and communication into one simple sub schedule

Old Result

Inefficient use of the managers’ time 

Disgruntled sentiment about the subbing process

Lack of focus on more important and valuable studio priorities such as member retention and acquisition

Subbing as the biggest pain points of managers' jobs

High manager turnover

NetGym Result

Time to focus on customer retention and scaling locations without additional headcount

Improved management experience by increasing the time they spend on aspects of the job they love

Accountability, oversight into coverage and subbing activity, and a less stressful experience for the manager

Unifying and consolidating all sub requests into a sub schedule is required to more efficiently and effectively oversee sub communication and improve the management experience

Step 6: Approve subs and automatically update live schedule

"Just wanted to share another rad company with you in case other MT customers are looking for something similar. We just started using NetGym for sub-requests! It plugs right into the MT schedule, so when instructors take over sub-requests, it automatically updates the schedule in MT!"

Katie F
Director of Marketing, Grit Cycle

Old Way

Different processes to approve the final sub

Manager is notified via different channels of sub changes (this could be email, text, social media comment)

Manually update and swap the instructor for that class in scheduling system with who is subbing

NetGym Way

Integrate the studio’s approval process within the sub request flow and make it super easy for instructors and managers to approve the final sub via email, text, or push notification

Eliminate manual work - automatically and immediately swap mindbody with the instructor as soon as the sub is approved

Visibility into who the final sub is for all staff to see

Old Result

Hire a person to monitor sub request emails/communications

Time spent trying to understand and organize who is covering what classes

Time spent confirming the subs that they are teaching

Profit loss as members ask for refunds expecting someone else when they originally booked the class

Confusion on who is teaching what class due to system discrepancies

NetGym Result

Fast and reliable coverage for each class

Clarity on who is teaching each class 

Saved overhead expenses

Better member experiences and increased revenue 

Management is now freed up to focus on revenue generating activities

Approving sub requests and automatically updating the live schedule is required to save time, avoid mistakes, and make staff and members aware of teacher changes.

Step 7: Automatimally send reminders on relevant subbing activity

"By the way, I LOVE NetGym! I teach at several other gyms who have other programs (Group X Pro and 24HR Swapboard) for finding subs and NetGym is far superior! I like how it is connected with my phone and I receive text reminders about classes I am subbing. I wish more gyms were using this program :)"

Kim V

Old Way

Manually remind via disparate channels, including email, spreadsheets, FB groups, or text 

Instructors have to remember which classes they are subbing and document it in various different ways

NetGym Way

Automated reminders from one system with relevant subbing activity that can be customized to receiver’s preferences

Old Result

Communication is buried in personal or work inboxes

Excuses for not receiving requests or confirmation that they are to sub a class

No shows

Unreliable coverage

NetGym Result

Increased opportunities to pickup classes within seconds

Lower chance of no shows

Positive member experiences

Automated, consistent, and relevant reminders leads to high visibility across open sub requests, quick class coverage, and 0 no-shows

Step 8: Analyze staff subbing behavior

"We now have more time for problem solving, looking at low performing classes, providing additional support to instructors, support operations more regularly, and do evaluations consistently and not delaying. Twice a year where they do full evaluations. Get a 90 day eval and get a new GXI shirt. Freed us up to do parties and events, les mills training, main goal is to be in the gym and support the members."

Diana G
Chuze Fitness

Old Way

Disparate systems such as spreadsheets, emails, and scheduling systems to evaluate subbing behavior

Cross checks and manual consolidation 

NetGym Way

Staff sub behavior and responsiveness in real-time within one dashboard

Old Result

Inaccurate or outdated information and lots of time wasted collating this material

Inconsistent evaluations and lack of opportunities for recognition and pay raises

NetGym Result

Consistent and frequent understanding of each instructor's subbing behavior

Properly evaluations of staff and improved class experiences

Consistent and frequent rewarding for participation

Ability to make permanent class teacher changes when needed

One unified dashboard of sub behavior is required for consistent staff performance reviews and a better staff, class, and member experience.

There are few ways to achieve this....

Emails, texts, spreadsheets

Time Consuming - Costs 10-15 hours per week

Errors and inaccuracies - Affects member retention

Frustration and negative sentiment 

Spend $50k+ in overhead expenses

Using NetGym

Save 10-15 hours per week!

Create positive class experiences

Retain high quality instructors

Improve member experiences

Again this is for...

Multi-location boutique fitness studio owners who want to improve efficiencies and class experiences BUT are struggling with scaling resources and cutting costs

Benefits & Outcomes

Save Money

Cut the majority of overhead expenses related to sub support 

Effective Use of Time

Give time to get back into the studio with your members & staff

Rid Manual Work

Rid the manual work and scattered communication 

Forget about No Shows

Always find the best instructor to take the class 

Classes covered in Seconds

Feel relieved and empowered because classes are covered in seconds and instructors can more easily and reliably find a sub

Get started with NetGym

How it works

Digitized Sub Policies

  • Customize sub policies specific to your business
  • Create time window for when requests can be sent
  • Ensure compliance by automating it in their workflow

Schedule Integration & User Profiles

  • Create staff profiles with assigned skills and locations
  • Embed profile information into the sub request creation flow making it super simple and easy to send and receive sub relevant sub requests.

Send a Request

  • Simple and easy sub request creation flow
  • Automatically pulls in each instructor’s classes and filters eligible instructors to invite
  • Seamless to send
  • Quick and targeted coverage

Recieve a Request

  • Receive sub requests relevant to each instructor based on what and where they teach.
  • Easily view the open subbing opportunities
  • Easily accept through the channel of their choice (text, mobile, desktop, email).
  • Coverage is quick, easy, and reliable. 

Sub Schedule

  • Simple and unified sub schedule
  • Consolidates all sub communication and behavior across all locations
  • Frees up time to focus on your customer retention and revenue initiatives

Approve sub and auto update live schedule

  • Easily approve the sub and automatically swap the instructor on the live schedule.
  • Let members know who is teaching in real-time without mistakes, delays, or frustration in the process.
  • Operations teams, front desk, and studio managers also have up to date info to refer to in the studio while assisting.

Automated Reminders

  • Simple and direct automated notifications
  • Calendar integration to remind the sub they are teaching and to be alerted of all classes that still need coverage without panic, concern, or overwhelm that the manager may have to teach.


  • Who is subbing and how often?
  • Who is sending urgent requests and how often?
  • Who is picking up classes and being a team player?
  • No need to waste time putting it all together and compare various sheets

Easy, Simple Plans

All plans include a 21 day free trial

Basic Plan


per location per month
Sub policy settings
Filtered sub requests
Sub board
Sub schedule
Approval process
Automated reminders
Calendar integration
Unlimited 24/7 support
Pro Plan


per location per month
*Basic plus the following:
Schedule integration
Automatic instructor swap
Text notifications
Group Chat & Direct Messaging
Premier Plan

Custom Pricing

per location per month
*Pro plus the following:
Custom schedule integration
Custom reporting
Custom sub policies & restrictions

You may have questions...

We have a very complex sub policy - how would you be able to automate this?

We have seen a lot of policies with over 700 locations. If it makes sense for both of us, we are happy to incorporate custom work and connect you with customers who we have done this for. 

Can instructors see their permanent classes in the sub schedule?

Not today but that is because most instructors know their permanent classes already. It’s harder to keep track of what they are subbing since it’s one-off.

We already have a system in place for up to date contact information - why would this matter?

Reality is people thrive on structure and organization, especially when your staff are not full-time and have multiple employers. People also like one-stop-shops to find all information, especially as it relates to subbing. We know from experience!

Managers only need to see sub data for the locations they manage. Can they do that?

Yes! The sub schedule is filtered by the locations the studio manager manages only

We set up specific email distribution lists for each skill set for each region. We think it’s easy for instructors to see the instructors and then create a request based on that information

It’s very difficult to maintain an accurate distribution list over time, esp with high turnover and furloughs due to COVID. As I mentioned in my previous example, 2+ years after leaving that health club as an instructor, I was still receiving sub requests.

What if it doesn’t work and the update is not made?

The reason it wouldn’t work is if there was an issue syncing the data. We have controls in place to let us know when there was an issue syncing and we resolve this right away. We are also developing webhooks so we automatically know when changes are made to mindbody. Changes made to mindbody after a sub request is sent is the most common reason why a syncing error would occur. With webhooks, we will be able to make changes automatically to sub requests when these changes occur.

Instructors are sending requests through our slack which is organized by classes they can teach. Seems to be easy. Why would we need this or how is this different?

Although these messaging apps provide a great way to communicate directly, it does not close the entire loop of the sub process. 

First, they don’t tie into your live schedule. You still have to manually update who’s subbing requiring time from management or the administrative team to sift through and then have to make updates to the live schedule. This is time wasted and money lost.

Second, they don’t provide insights into sub behavior and trends so you can’t make decisions on who should be keeping their permanent classes 

What if you currently do not integrate with our scheduling system?

We have built a playbook to integrate into any scheduling software within 4-6 weeks. We can partner to make that happen or we also offer a basic version of the software where the integration is not necessary. This version requires manual information of the class information

What happens if it doesn’t work and the requests don’t go through or they are not filtered correctly?

This comes down to an issue with the instructors profile set up. Management is responsible for assigning Skills to instructors for classes they are eligible to teach. However, we have an awesome and super responsive support team and can quickly assist tp make sure all instructors are receiving what they should.

Due to employment law, we cannot have instructors receive communication from us when they are not working. How do you prevent that?

We have settings in place where not only the instructor can decide when and how often they receive the communication but we also have customized account settings to ensure instructors will not receive anything outside of their working hours. That’s the beauty of us incorporating your unique sub policy!

We have a slack channel that makes it easy for instructors to respond - this doesn’t seem that necessary

Sure, the slack channel allows for the communication to occur but it doesn’t provide the same visibility of what is available and coverage statuses as we do. We allow the instructor to receive sub requests in their channel of choice. This can be through email, text, or push notifications. Having this choice and wide coverage allows the instructor to easily see all the requests that are available and quickly accept ones they can teach. It then provides data behind who is subbing what classes and most often which can influence your payroll system directly. Reliable, effective and efficient collaboration could guarantee classes are covered with the best available teacher

We want to make sure instructors are not inundated with do you avoid that?

Instructors can set up the frequency and the channel in which they want to receive notifications.

We already look at this data in mindbody - why does this matter?

You probably don’t have all of the activity tied to subbing. That’s where we come in. We can also sync with mindbody to collate reporting and make it easier to make decisions about your classes and instructors

We have 1 studio - is this still applicable?

We have found that subbing is a problem no matter how many locations a studio has. The more studios, tyouhe bigger the problem. If it’s a minor problem or a burden with 1 studio, it will only amplify as you grow

We are trying to cut costs due to COVID and we seem to already have a system in place - why would I need this?

Well, The ROI speaks for itself not only in dollars but in staff happiness. Filtering requests within one system cuts multiple hours per week off of studio management's schedule, allowing them to focus on quality time with instructors, members, and other operational functions, which is ultimately saving TONs of cash but also driving more revenue.. 

Are there any long term contracts?

We can work out multi-year contracts at a discounted rate

Are there short term more flexible contracts?

We are a small family run business so we do annual contracts but can work with you on flexible payment terms. We support our customers and are happy to accommodate changes needing to payment plans as they endure restrictions and limitations during COVID. For example, we proactively paused all subscriptions to help our customers deal with COVID.

What are the exact terms of the guarantee? 

We offer a free 30 day trial so if the product is not a good fit for you during that time, there is no commitment and are free of any charges. Although, we have never had a customer not convert after a trial ;).

Will this work for me if I’m not in the USA?

Yes, we have a number of happy customers in AU including Power Living, Fitness Playground, Sydney Pole, and Crunch.

How do I justify the cost?

There’s an initial investment, and that can seem daunting. But there are major long-term gains in terms of overhead expenses and the ability to scale your resources along with future locations. You’ll also remove negativity sentiments around subbing and support the managers in a better way, allowing them to do the work they love and that matters most to the studio. This will ensure they stick around and demonstrate your care for your staff. By using our product, you’ll cut hours off the managers time spent on these administrative tasks and also contribute to their mental state, ensuring they stick around and have low turnover. 

There is a high ROI impact of our product and we are confident it will help you reach your goals to improve operational efficiencies, retain high quality instructors, and retain members. The product produces such good results that it will pay for itself.

Some of your competitors are cheaper...why the price point?

On the surface, it may seem that way, but there are reasons our product may seem like it has a higher price point. We offer several valuable features that our competitors don’t and will actually help you earn revenue. This includes integration to various scheduling vendors which allow for the automatic instructor swap on the live schedule and the messenger which offers a new way to conduct mass communication. We also customize the sub process to fit your unique sub policy needs. Lastly, we offer and consolidate real-time insights into all subbing behavior which most alternative communication systems (i.e. slack) do not. 

How do I know you guys are legit?

We can share several case studies with you that show how a studio similar to yours was able to triple their ROI by switching from there old solution to ours.

We also have a one-sheet that highlights some of the specific benefits of our product for you to forward to your team. We’re also happy to arrange demos with anyone on the team that needs clarification. 

Given you have a small team, how will we know you can support all of our locations?

We currently work with studios who have 1 to 100 locations across the globe. We can share the many testimonials of their managers praising our outstanding, responsive support. Because of the product’s ease of use and intuitiveness leading to not needing a lot of training, we do not have any backlog of support inquiries.

How will you train all of us?

We have an extensive library of articles on our page and we also respond within 1-2 hours or less through our support channel. We also have found that the our 5 min training video onboards all instructors quickly and that's all they need. The tool is THAT intuitive ;)

What if I'm in a different time zone? How do I get support? 

We offer 24/7 support and have many customers that will attest to our responsiveness. 
Even if within a different timezone, we can assure you, you will get a response within 24 hours.

We don’t know how we can afford it! We have more than 1 site and it will be a huge cost on our end. We are trialing just having a whatsapp group instead and seeing how that goes

Totally understand where you are at from a cost perspective during this time. Depending on how you are running your sub supporting system, we could ultimately help cut those operational costs :). Our customer over in Australia, Sydney Pole, went from having 6 studio managers managing their sub process and each spending 1/3 of their day doing those tasks to now only needing to have 1/3 of 1 studio manager's time focused on this. Similarly, Grit Cycle used to have a full-time salaried employee solely to handle sub requests for their 6 studios and now no longer need this person at all so have saved ~$60,000 in overhead costs. Just a few examples of how we have helped ultimately cut costs, improve the efficiencies, and relieved some of the stress that goes into subbing. We are happy to provide more examples of the ROI as well.

We are giving the responsibility to the instructors, but will look into it again as we continue to grow. 

We get where you’re coming from as that’s an easy thing to give to the teacher, but before you make that decision, let’s talk about exactly how much revenue your studio can lose over the next 6 months by considering that option. They will now have to find coverage on their own through disparate systems without any organization or automation around updating the live schedule. This could disrupt the member experience and also put an extra burden on the instructor which will directly impact your revenue. Also, the time in which you use on both the instructor and manager side will be lost. This is all money that could have been spent on NetGym while we are at the same time creating positive staff and member experiences. We all need that right now in the fitness industry!
You want to retain the best instructors and that being said, your studio needs to offer the best technology to support them. And this isn’t just equipment. It comes down to what your competitors are doing in the space which is digitizing and automating all processes and systems. 

We are shut down due to COVID so only have our virtual location. Why would I need this now?

Totally understand where you are at from a cost perspective during this time. Depending on how you are running your sub supporting system, we could ultimately help cut those operational costs :). Our customer over in Australia, Sydney Pole, went from having 6 studio managers managing their sub process and each spending 1/3 of their day doing those tasks to now only needing to have 1/3 of 1 studio manager's time focused on this. Similarly, Grit Cycle used to have a full-time salaried employee solely to handle sub requests for their 6 studios and now no longer need this person at all so have saved ~$60,000 in overhead costs. Just a few examples of how we have helped ultimately cut costs, improve the efficiencies, and relieved some of the stress that goes into subbing. We are happy to provide more examples of the ROI as well.

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